We are part of Bradesco's inovation ecosystem.

Thanks to our bussiness solution impact, we are now associates of Inovabra, an ecossystem made to promote inovation both inside and outside of Bradesco.

An innovative plataform, here to put in order all things financial related to the supply chain ecosystem.


Take your business to the next level and solve the main pain points in the production chain.

This is how it's like in the real world: every business needs working capital, and optimizing your resources is a real and pressing need for buyers and suppliers alike.

What we do

We are a Supply Chain Finance platform specializing in organizing finances and monitoring the financial flow on the supply chain. We’re here to bring all parties together, lower the risk of conflicts, reduce risks and align mutual interests, making relations transparent so that all parties involved can prosper.

By organizing the ecosystem and streamlining processes, we created a self-sustaining finance system which is both fair and dynamic, ensuring a safe and growth-driven environment which provides cost reductions and many other benefits. This way, we enable buyers to make optimal use of their capital and sucessfully meet expected quantity and cost targets, with excellent financial gains in the process.

We work so that suppliers can have plenty of working capital available, as well as more favorable interest rates. Furthermore, so that sponsors and creditors can manage risks more accurately with receivables certificates, supplier ratings, auditing, tracking and monitoring of receivables.


Realign your business with the new financial arrangements in the supply chain.

By strengthening relations between suppliers, buyers, sponsors and creditors, we contribute towards building more streamlined and sustainable relationships.

Cashforce shortens the distance between parties, establishing a wide network in which suppliers find the best financing arrangements, buyers develop more economically robust production chains, and creditors find opportunities with the best receivables available on the market.

Benefits for


• Certification of the quality of receivables;
• Freedom of choice of creditors and arrangements;
• Shortened cash conversion cycle;
• Better cash flow visibility;
• Integration of manufacturing and sales;
• Reduced costs with financing;
• Reduced credit risks related to the buyer's credit rating;
• Less uncertainty over cash flow disruptions;
• Increased security and liquidity.

Benefits for


• Improved payment processes;
• Streamlined documentation management;
• Reduced administrative costs;
• Generation of income from accounts payable;
• Monitoring of product delivery ahead of payment;
• Reduced storage costs;
• Increased cash flow;
• Reduced investment in working capital;
• Improved supplier loyalty;
• Increased ROI

Benefits for

sponsors and creditors

• Confirmation upon product delivery;
• Certified credit agreements;
• Certain acceptance of invoices;
• Monitoring of receivables on each step of the process;
• In-platform credit rating based on production cycles and the flow of goods;
• Improved security and liquidity.

What is Supply Chain Finance?

Supply Chain Finance is a method for coordinating financial demands with supply chain management. It allows suppliers to receive advances for raw material purchases, which in turn helps buyers meet sales targets. SCF means optimizing resources on the supply chain through a financial outlook.

Reduced cost and risk across the supply chain

Optimized working capital and financial gains for all parties involved.

Having stronger suppliers means improving the quality of your products and services


Get access to advance payments at fair rates and enjoy the benefits of Just-in-Time Finance, a winning relationship for everyone involved.

A financial management strategy that coordinates every purchase order with raw material acquisition, production and payment so that every step of the purchase schedule is met.

It allows suppliers to access the capital required for purchasing raw materials in single installments, reducing acquisition costs and the total amount of capital required.

Arranging credit from the very beginning of the process improves the efficiency of the supply chain as a whole.

Just in time Finance helps you transform problems into a beneficial process.

• Keeps storage costs to a minimum.

• Reduces waste, such as out-of-date or expired products.

• Since storage levels are met on-demand, less working capital is required for advance raw material acquisitions.

Solutions for the main challenges suppliers face on a daily basis.

• No more insufficient capital for kickstarting production.

• Remedies the lack of resources for supporting longer sales deadlines.

• Concentrated orders are no longer a problem credit-wise.

• Provides access to fair credit rates, compared to banks and other institutions.


Integrate your production chain financially from top to bottom and generate income across the supply chain.

Innovate and gain financial control over your supplier ecosystem. Monetize your supply chain securely, providing benefits and gains for all parties.
Streamline processes using a dedicated platform for your operation, reduce costs, and generate additional income over every transaction.

Cashforce provides multiple solutions for your business in a single platform:

• Provide improved conditions for supplier financing;

• Organize management of payment processes;

• Achieve gains over your own and third-party capital;

• Avoid the risk of loan fraud;

• Standardize your payment conditions;

• Increase supplier loyalty.


Get access to a marketplace of qualified receivables.

A negotiation platform that joins together suppliers, sponsors and creditors in a secure and reliable environment. An excellent way to invest your capital with high returns and much lower risks compared to other receivables available in the market.
The Cashforce platform provides increased security, due to every participant in the ecosystem being able to monitor and assess risks for every single step of the process. All that available on desktop, mobile and tablets.


We're here to streamline the financial ecosystem of the supply chain.

We are a group of people with a passion for Supply Chain Finance and for unlocking the full economic potential of our clients.

Cashforce is the coming together of innovative minds with unique personal histories and over 10 years’ worth of market experience in investment, financing and manufacturing.

Our goal is to simplify processes, ease tensions, and build streamlined and financially sustainable production chains, helping companies that think big to grow and build the economic future of Brazil and the world.

Our main focus is understanding the demands behind processes and transforming problems into solutions.

That's why we created Cashforce, the Supply Chain Finance platform specialized in financing and monitoring of cash flow in the supply chain.

It offers a credit marketplace, connecting qualified receivables from suppliers to sponsors and creditors and enabling all participants in the supply chain to have equal opportunities for growth.

An ecosystem with the purpose of streamlining the supply chain, bringing together all parties in a single environment for a transparent, fair and winning relationship for all.

Release the full potential of your working capital. Think big.